A question to society:

Is it my fault?

That I bleed on my periods without wanting to,

For I have to live aside for a day or two.

Is it my fault?

That I have growing breasts,

For I have to forcefully wear a bra to keep them tight in place.

Is it my fault?

That I am considered impure when I am down,

For me my mother tells me on certain occasions to keep that secret under my gown.

Is it my fault?

That I have ambitions beyond the barriers of society,

For my attitude of empowerment dooms patriarchy.

Is it my fault?

That my carrier took a leap,

For all colleagues thinking it was just for the sake of a night’s “sleep”.

Is it my fault?

That I have liked girls throughout my life,

For society expects me to unwillingly sleep with a man and be his good and caring wife.

Is it my fault?

That the boys continuously stared at me,

For people instead of blaming them judged my skirt going above the knee.

Is it my fault?

That my husband rapes me to satisfy his lust,

For whenever I complain I am told, “ You aren’t the first”.

Is it my fault?

That I face domestic violence?

For my husband needs to beat me when his anger climbs above his tolerance.

Is it my fault?

That my cousin sexually abuses me out of his unbounded “love” and bliss,

For my parents and relatives judge my over-friendliness indicating my crime above his.

I finally admit,

~It is my fault~

That I expected my parents, friends, relatives and our society to show their love and care and encourage me when I was harassed, beaten, raped, assaulted, abused and what not,

For they only came up to me and said — “It is your fault”.

Written by:

Puja Krishnatraya.

Let us gather together to a more utopic version of this distopic world of ours. Standing together for equality!

“Absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence” — Carl Sagan